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Terms and Conditions Hotel Ramstiner-Hof GmbH

I. Area of application

1. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts concluded between Ramsteiner-Hof GmbH (“Hotel”) and the guest (“Guest”) unless different agreements have been made in separate contracts.

2. Differing regulations, even if they are included in the Standard Terms of Business of the Guest, shall not apply unless they are expressly recognized in writing by the company.

II. Conclusion of the contract

 1. The contract shall come into force upon Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof acceptance of the customer’s application. At its discretion, Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof may confirm the room reservation in text form.

2. The customer must inform Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof without being asked, at the latest upon conclusion of the contract, if the customer’s use of the hotel service/s is likely to endanger the smooth operation of the hotel, the security or the reputation of Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof in the public eye.

2. The contractual partners are the hotel and the guest. The contract shall be concluded upon the Guest’s oral or written request and acceptance by the Hotel. The Hotel may accept the request – at its own discretion – in writing, orally, in text form (e-mail) or by implied intent, i.e. by rendering the relevant services.

3. lf a third party makes the booking for the Guest, it shall be liable to the Hotel as the orderer, together with the Guest as the joint debtor, for any obligations resulting from the contract if the Hotel has a corresponding declaration from the orderer. lrrespective of this, each orderer is obliged to pass on to the Guest any information relevant to the booking, particularly these Standard Terms of Business.

4. Subletting of surrendered rooms, or their use for purposes other than accommodation, requires the prior written agreement of the Hotel.

III. Services, prices, payment

1. The Hotel is obliged to hold ready the rooms booked by the guest according to the Standard Terms of Business and to provide the agreed services.

2. The Guest is obliged to pay the prices of the Hotel according to the Annex or the agreed prices for the provision of the room and any further services claimed by him/her. This also applies to third-party services arranged by the Guest or the orderer and the Hotel’s expenses paid to third parties.

3. The agreed prices include the respective legal rate of sales tax. Local charges owed by the Guest based on local law, e.g. visitors’ taxes, shall be excluded. lf the period between signing the agreement and execution of the contract exceeds
4 months, and if the general prices charged by the hotel for this type of service or the valid rate of sales tax increases or falls, then the Hotel may adjust the contractually-agreed price in accordance with the change.

4. Prices can be changed by the Hotel if the Guest later wants to make changes to the number of booked rooms, the services of the Hotel or the duration of the Guests’ stay, and the Hotel agrees to this. Any price change will then refer to the part of the service that is to be changed by the Hotel on the request of the Guest.

5. In the case of a booking based on the Online Rate, the agreed price will be due immediately. For bookings based on the Standard Rate or for events, the following shall apply:

Hotel invoices shall be payable immediately on receipt, without deductions. The Guest shall be in default at the latest when he/she does not pay an invoice within 30 days of it becoming due and being received; this shall only apply to a Guest who is the customer if these consequences are specially indicated in the invoice. In the case of default in payment, the Hotel shall be entitled to charge default interest at the legal rate. The Hotel expressly reserves the right to assert higherlevel damages.

6. The Hotel is entitled to demand a suitable payment in advance or provision of security, such as a credit card guarantee, on the contract being signed or thereafter. The amount of the advance payment and its due date can be agreed in writing in the contract. During the Guest’s stay in the Hotel, the Hotel is further entitled to indicate accumulated debt as being due for payment though the issuing of an interim invoice, and to request immediate payment.

7. The guest can only offset a claim by the hotel through an undisputed or legally-valid claim.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing.
A free cancellation of the hotel room is possible 24 hours before arrival, all later cancellations or no-shows will be charged at 100% of the entire stay.
All HotDeal bookings cannot be canceled or changed free of charge.

Nights unused and not cancelled shall be invoiced at 100% of the agreed rate, irrespective of whether the Hotel is fully booked or not.


1. Insofar as it was agreed that the customer can withdraw from the contract at no cost up to a specific date, Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof is entitled for its part to withdraw from the contract all or in part up to this specific date if inquiries from other customers regarding the contractually reserved rooms exist and the customer, upon inquiry thereof by Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof is with a reasonable deadline set, does not waive his right of withdrawal. The same applies to the granting of an option if other inquiries exist and the customer

2. lf an agreed payment in advance or security payment in accordance with Point III Paragraph 6 is not made within a period of grace set for this, then the Hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the agreement.

3. Furthermore the Hotelshall be entitled to withdraw from the agreement for an important reason, particularly if

Acts of God or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible make it impossible to fulfill the agreement;

Rooms are booked giving significant facts that are misleading or false, e.g. with reference to the person of the Guest or the purpose of the booking:

The Hotel has justifiable cause to suspect that utilizing the hotel services may put at risk the smooth running of the business, or the safety or reputation of the hotel in the eyes of the public, without this falling under the territorial or organizational area of the hotel;

There is unauthorized subletting

There is a case according to Point VI Paragraph 3.

The Hotel gains knowledge that the financial circumstances of the Guest have significantly worsened after the signing of the agreement, particularly if the Guest does not settle due demands by the Hotel, or cannot offer sufficient security and therefore claims for payment by the Hotel would appear to be at risk;

The Guest has made an application to institute bankruptcy proceedings on its assets, has issued an affirmation in lieu of an oath under Section 807 Code of Civil Procedure, has instituted proceedings out of court for debt regulation or has stopped his/her payments;

The Guest ignores the contractually agreed ban on smoking

The Guest ignores the contractually agreed ban of pets

nsolvency proceedings have been applied for or instituted on the assets of the Guest, or the institution of the same has been declined for insufficiency of assets or other reasons

4. The Hotel must immediately inform the Guest in writing of its exercising of the right of withdrawal.

5. In all cases of effective withdrawal by the Hotel, the Guest shall have no claim to any type of compensation.

VI. Arrival and departure

1. The Guest shall acquire no claim to the provision of particular rooms unless the Hotel has confirmed the provision of particular rooms in writing.

2. Booked rooms shall be available to the Guest from 15:00 on the agreed day of arrival. The Guest has no claim to earlier provision. Should agreed rooms not be available, then the Hotel shall endeavor to provide an equivalent replacement in the Hotel or in another property.

3. Booked rooms must be claimed by the Guest by 18:00 at the latest on the agreed day of arrival. Unless a later time of arrival has been expressly agreed, the Hotel has the right to issue booked rooms to other people after 18:00 without the Guest being able to derive any claims for compensation from this. In this respect the Hotel has a right of withdrawal.

4. On the agreed day of departure, the rooms must be cleared and made available to the Hotel by 11:00 at the latest. After this point, the Hotel can charge the daily room price for the additional use of the room until 15:00 beyond the damages it has incurred, and 100 % of the valid accommodation price after 15:00. The guest is at liberty to prove to the Hotel that they incurred no damages or significantly lower damages.

The Hotelshall be entitled to prove that the damage actually incurred was higher than that.

5. The customer is personally liable for all damages, he caused in the hotel, in full. These are for example damages to the furniture, the facility, technical equipment or the building. Regardless if damages happened through demolition, theft or the necessity of increased cleaning efforts. Any damages have to be reported directly after emerging and will be settled with the individual customer right away.

VII. LIABILITY OF HOTEl ramsteiner-hof

1. The Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof is liable for harm inflicted on life, limb and physical health. Further it is liable for other damage caused with full intent or gross negligence or due to intentional or grossly negligent violation of obligations typical for the contract. Typical contractual obligations are those obligations that enable the proper execution of the contract and on whose fulfilment the customer relies and may rely. A breach of obligation of Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof is deemed to be the equivalent to a breach of a statutory representative or vicarious agent. All other claims for damages are excluded, if not determined differently in this clause VII. Should disruptions or defects in the performance of Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof occur, Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof shall act to remedy such upon knowledge thereof or upon objection by the customer made without undue delay. The customer shall be obliged to undertake actions reasonable for him to eliminate the disruption and to keep any possible damage to a minimum. Moreover, the customer shall be obliged to inform Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof as soon as possible if an extraordinary high loss is liable to arise.

2. The Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof is liable to the customer for property brought into the hotel in accordance with the statutory provisions. If the customer wishes to bring with him money, securities, stocks, bonds or valuables with a value of more than € 800 or other things with a value of more than € 3,500, a separate safekeeping agreement is necessary.

3. Items that the customer has left behind are only forwarded at the customer’s request, risk and costs. The Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof keeps such items for three months after which time they are, as far as they have any value, handed over to the local lost property office. If the local lost property office is not willing to take-over the items, they will be kept for further nine months and after that time disposed of or destroyed. With regard to Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof liability, No.1, sentences 1 to 5 supra shall apply respectively.

4. If the customer is provided with a parking space in the hotel garage or a hotel parking lot, this does not constitute a safekeeping agreement, even if a fee is charged. The Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof has no monitoring obligation. The Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof only assumes liability for loss of or damage to motor vehicles parked or maneuvered on the hotel’s property and the contents thereof pursuant to the preceding No. 1, sentences 1 to 5. The Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof must be informed immediately about possible damages.

5. Wake-up calls are carried out by Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof with the greatest possible diligence. Messages, mail, and merchandise deliveries for guests are handled with care. Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof will deliver, keep, and for a fee forward such items (on request). Merchandise deliveries can only be kept if so agreed to beforehand. With regard to Hotel Ramsteiner-Hof liability, No. 1, sentences 1 to 5 supra shall apply respectively.

VIII Final clauses

1. Changes or supplements to the agreement, the acceptance of the offer or these terms of business must be made in writing for hotel accommodation. Reference is hereby made to the particular requirement of the written form.

2. There is an absolute ban on smoking in all hotel rooms.

lf the Guest violates this ban, he/she shall be charged a flat-rate fee of Euro 500.00 for the renovation of the room. The guest is at liberty to provide evidence that the hotel did not incur any damages, or that the damages were slighter than the asserted flat-rate fee

3. Claims and rights from agreements made with the Hotel may only be transferred to third parties with the prior agreement of the Hotel.

4. Use of the Hotel’s name in association with advertising by the contractual partner requires the prior agreement of the Hotel.

5. The place of fulfillment and payment is the headquarters of the Hotel.

6. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes, including without limitation disputes concerning checks and bills of exchange for commercial transactions, shall be the Hotel’s registered office or, in the Hotel’s Ramsteiner-Hof discretion,. lf a contractual partner has no general domestic court of jurisdiction, the court of jurisdiction shall be the headquarters of the hotel chain.

7. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively.

8. Please follow the link to the OS-platform of the EU for out-of-court online dispute resolution:

Our e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are not obliged and generally not prepared to participate in dispute resolution procedures before a consumer mediation board.

Ramstein, March 2024

Hotel Ramsteiner Hof
Owner: Stefan Hechler
Miesenbacher Straße 26
66877 Ramstein

Phone +49 (0)6371 9720



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